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The Beauty parlour Pellissima provides laser treatment.

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LASER hair removal

Our LASER diode emits a beam that is absorbed by the high concentration of melanin contained in the hair. This absorption produces a reaction that raises the temperature of the hair to 70 degrees Celsius for a fraction of a second causing cauterization of the capillaries that nourish the hair. The hair is thus destroyed. This effect is permanent when the hair is growing, i. e. the only time the hair is attached to the papillae.

The hair goes through 3 main phases: anagen, catagen, telogen. Not all hairs are in their growth phase at the same time (anagen), which is the only time for permanent hair removal. This drives us to perform several laser passes on the treatment area to ensure that all hairs have been affected during their anagen phase.

Laser hair removal is a progressive treatment. The number of sessions required depends on the response to the treatment. The interval between sessions is 4 to 8 weeks and may be prolonged depending on the rate of hair growth. The hair removal process can be maintained indefinitely: the body being in constant evolution can sometimes develop new hairs. This is why hair removal must sometimes be resumed within a period of several years. This is referred to as long-term hair removal.

Laser Montreal

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